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Members fully occupied the seminar on complaints

The first educational event of the year was organized by the Czech Association for Textile Care on March 12 in Prague. The seminar entitled “Complaints for dry cleaners and small laundries” emphasized knowledge of current legislation, knowledge of which is crucial for operators and their employees. The interest in participation corresponded to this, the training room in Vinohrady was filled to capacity.

The seminar was prepared and led by the managing director of the member company MAGNIFIC, Martin Adamy. “My goal was to strengthen the self-confidence of the seminar participants. In order to be able to stand up for themselves, they believed in themselves and above all in their knowledge, which they undoubtedly have. Of course, the most important thing is to prevent complaints. I follow the motto: Correct receipt of clothes is half the success of a dry cleaner. Personally, I’d say maybe even three-quarters.”

Based on the positive responses, we are preparing a continuation of this seminar in the fall: Preventing complaints – technological practice. The membership will be informed about the event details and the possibility of registration via email.

Thank you for participating and we look forward to the next time!

Czech Association for Textile Care