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International Laundry Open Week is coming

The next week, from March 11 to 15, Czech laundries, dry cleaners and their suppliers will open their operations to media representatives. The event is part of the first year of the International Laundry Open Week organized by ETSA (European Textile Care Association). Through the Czech Association for Textile Care, the Czech Republic will thus join other participating countries from France, Great Britain or Italy.

During guided tours of the facilities of laundries, dry cleaners and supply companies, you will learn:

  • What a modern Czech laundry or dry cleaner looks like.
  • In what machines and with what chemistry do they wash/clean.
  • How many tons of textiles go through their workers’ hands every day.
  • How laundries and dry cleaners think about sustainability.
  • What problems is the field currently facing in the country.
  • And anything that will interest you in connection with the topic.

You can find an overview of the involved operations on the map above.

“The open days offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into the often neglected but extremely important sector of textile care. Laundries and dry cleaners play a key role in increasing the sustainability of the clothing sector. Thanks to new technologies, modern operations save not only energy, but also water,” says Jana Puškáčová, president of the Czech Association for Textile Care.

Czech Association for Textile Care