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Commissions of our Association

  • The professional issues of the laundry and dry cleaning industry are dealt with in two expert committees – the Commission for Industrial Laundries, which deals with topics close to large operations – public contracts, principles of certification, vocational training and labor market support.
  • The second expert commission is the Commission for Small Laundries and Dry Cleaners, whose key topics are trends in the dry cleaning industry, correct procedures applied in dry cleaners, complaints about services and education.
  • Both commissions work independently and are subordinate to the Board. The commissions work at their regular meetings, which usually take place before the meeting of the Board.
  • Another committee works in the Association, but it does not deal with professional issues, but with certification. It is a Certification Commission that meets as needed, usually based on interest in certification. The Certification Commission is also responsible to the Board and regularly informs the management of the Association about its activities.

Industrial Laundries Commission

Commission Chairman Milan Poddaný RENATEX CZ a.s.
Member Vladimír Blaha ml. Blaha V. s.r.o.
Member Jan Chrištof ml. CHRIŠTOF, spol. s r.o.
Member Petr Jirůtka Lapauw CEE s.r.o.
Member Zdeněk Kadlčík
Member Petra Tomanová Prádelna Kyselý, a.s.
Member Václav Štika ŠTIKA – KONZULTACE s.r.o.
Member Martina Prošková Prádelna a čistírna Jihlava, s.r.o.
Member Jana Puškáčová Elis Textil Servis s.r.o.
Member Jiří Novák TRITON, spol. s r.o.
Member Lucie Fialová PRAGOPERUN, spol. s r. o.
Member Patrik Žila CHRISTEYNS s.r.o.

Commission for Small Laundries and Dry Cleaners

Commission Chairman Hana Šabatková Prádelna a čistírna Jihlava, s.r.o.
Member Dana Štěpničková Prádelna Jihlava
Member Veronika Temňáková SK REAL CLEAN s.r.o.
Member Hanuš Zvolský cleany s.r.o.
Member Ing. Dominika Drášilová ARBELA s.r.o.
Member Nikola Kašparová ITM – International Tourist Management s.r.o – New Laundry
Member Ing. Miroslav Malina P-MM s.r.o.
Member Marek Juha Prádelna JARNÍ s.r.o.
Member Lenka Novosádová Čistírna a prádelna LeNova

Certification Commission

Commission Chairman Vladimír Blaha st.
Member Radek Vašíček
Member and Secretary Monika Býmová