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The laundries were opened to the media

In the middle of March, the operations of Czech laundries, dry cleaners and their suppliers were opened to representatives of the media. The event was part of the first year of the Laundry Open Day, which took place at the impulse of the European textile care association ETSA across Europe to spread awareness of the importance of the industry.

In the Czech Republic, 10 member operations of laundries, dry cleaners and supplier companies took part in the event. Among the representatives of the media that showed interest in visiting some of them were Czech Television or Deník.

“The open days offer a unique opportunity to look into the often neglected but extremely important sector of textile care and highlight the issues plaguing the industry. Laundries and dry cleaners play a key role in increasing the sustainability of the clothing sector. Thanks to new technologies, modern operations save not only energy, but also water,” commented the president of the Association, Jana Puškáčová, on the event.

Laundries from Great Britain, France, Belgium and Italy also participated in the Laundry Open Day. They made their operations available to the general public as a form of recruiting new workers.

Some of the Czech media outputs can be found here:

Události, Česká televize

Czech Association for Textile Care
Photo: Reproduction photo Czech TV