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The new president of the Chamber of Commerce is Zdenek Zajicek

Entrepreneurs at the national congress held in Prague’s O2universum congress center elected Zdenek Zajicek as president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic for the next three years, who received 190 votes, his opponent Martin Pecina received 64 votes. Zajíček succeeded Vladimír Dlouhé as head of the chamber after a nine-year tenure, who no longer ran for the post. The Czech Association for Textile Care was represented at the assembly by vice-presidents Martina Prošková and Jan Chrištof.

M.Sc. Zdeněk Zajíček, who until now served as vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, was born on May 10, 1967 in Prague. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University. He is a pioneer of e-government and one of the key figures of digitization. He took part in the authorship, legislation and implementation of the Czech Point projects, Data boxes, Basic registers, State treasury, Bank identity, Digitization of construction procedures, Digital technical maps or the Act on the right to digital services. He worked as a deputy in the Ministries of Finance, Justice and the Interior. He is an advisor to Prime Minister Petr Fiala for digitization and digital transformation and also an advisor to Minister of Transport Martin Kupka for the same area.

“It is a great honor and commitment for me to lead the Chamber of Commerce at a time when key decisions will have to be made in the Czech Republic about strategic investments in the field of energy, transport and technical infrastructure, education and training. There really isn’t much time to make these decisions if we want to keep our economy and business competitive. For this, it is necessary to find broad agreement not only among business and employer organizations, but also with trade unions and with political representation. This is the primary task of the new team in the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce, which is ready to co-create and implement such Visions, Strategies and Partnerships,” said Zdenek Zajicek.

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