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Association is preparing this year’s Laundry Day

The Czech Association for Textile Care (APaČ) is planning to celebrate this year’s Laundry Day, which is less than two months away, in a new style. It has decided to organize a special roadshow, during which it will visit some member establishments to address the needs of workers in laundries and dry cleaners. Experts in exercise, nutrition and mental health should help with this.

In recent years, we commemorate Laundry Day on August 9, referring to the date when the first electric washing machine was patented in 1910, which marked a huge milestone for our industry. Now the Association is preparing a pilot project for this event, which has the ambition to become an annual tradition. “We would like to invite a trainer, a nutritionist and, for example, a therapist in the week when we commemorate Laundry Day, and go to the plants to discuss with the workers what interests them or worries them. These are people who often cannot afford the advice of these experts, even though they can be useful for them. For example, how to relieve oneself at work when one-sided load is present,” says APaČ Executive Director Monika Býmová.

Providing clean linen has become a basic service that has an irreplaceable role all over the world. It covers the healthcare, hospitality, food, manufacturing, automotive and retail industries. “Our association perceives this day as a holiday for everyone who is dedicated to providing clean linen, towels or uniforms. And this would not be possible without excellent workers who perform this demanding work,” adds Monika Býmová, adding that the project is now in the preparation phase. “We will draw on the experience of helping laundry workers with a professional trainer during the coronavirus pandemic with proper exercise and strengthening immunity. We will inform the membership about the further development of the project.”

APaČ has been striving to register International Linen Day since 2019, when it presented its idea to representatives of European associations in Sweden. Subsequently, this idea was developed by our American colleagues from the TRSA association. We believe that one day this day will become an official holiday of our industry worldwide.

Czech Association for Textile Care