About the Association

Information about our Association

The Czech Association for Textile Care is a non-profit organization that was established on 1/1/1993 and is the direct successor of the former Federal Association for Textile Care from 1967. The Czech Association for Textile Care that brings together more than 110 members, of which 80 are direct operators of laundries and dry cleaners, and another 20 members are organizations that provide support services for the industry, or supply machinery or technological equipment. The membership also includes honorary members who have made an extraordinary contribution to the good name of the association or the field itself.

The association represents the interests of its members before the public, it tries to build a positive image of our necessary field, which is often underappreciated. At the same time, the Association cooperates with state administration bodies in important areas related to textile maintenance and rental. It collaborates on the creation of industry regulations, opposes draft technical documents, and provides educational and awareness-raising activities for the entire industry.

Informator Magazine

  • The association publishes the periodical INFORMATOR for its members, which is distributed to more than 300 addresses of member companies, as well as professional institutions, libraries and universities.


  • The association organizes a number of industry events and meetings, the most important of which is INTERCLEAN – a conference on the care and rental of textiles. This conference has been held continuously since 1997 and always with the rich participation of experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Professional lectures at the conference are often provided by top experts from European countries.

Online education E-Washboard

Educate! is a project financed from EU resources, in which, in addition to APaČ, associations from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, the European organization ETSA and the educational institute HeurekaNet are also involved. The result of the project is online education for workers of laundries and dry cleaners on websites and in a mobile application called E-Washboard. And that in a number of language mutations, including Czech. The educational platform was launched in September 2021 and is accessible for free.

Strategy 2023

  • Our Association has a clear vision for the coming years, how to actively support the membership base and the entire industry
  • We place emphasis on making the laundry and dry cleaning industry visible to the general public
  • We want to strengthen and develop existing partnerships and create new collaborations
  • Because the results of our invisible industry are visible every day

What it looks like in Czech laundries and dry cleaners