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The new Informator is here!

The association publishes a regular Informátor magazine for its members with interesting facts, interviews and articles from the field of professional laundry and laundry cleaning. In the first issue of 2023 you will read:

  • Quality Assurance Specialist Kristina Kellner from Elis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • New member – Home for the elderly Kociánka
  • Hydrophobic treatment of textiles
  • Lavender waste for dress making
  • We wash even with expensive energy
  • Rubric Ing. Zdenek Kadlčík
  • Interesting things from the world of washing and cleaning
  • News from the Association
  • Bazaar

You can find the newsletter in your inbox and the electronic version in your email or in the members section.

Enjoy reading!

Czech Association for Textile Care