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The commission for industrial laundries met in Brno

The first meeting of the Association this year took place in the Klajdovka Hotel in Brno, where members of the Commission for Industrial Laundries met on January 23. They discussed, among other things, possible changes in the documentation for certification according to industry specifications.

Among the possible changes was, for example, a proposal to unify the validity of certificates, which could be valid for one calendar year from next year. This would simplify the obligations associated with confirming the validity of the certificate for certified laundries.

Also on the agenda were adjustments for the Laundry Operation Worker exam, which currently represents a substitute for a three-year apprenticeship in the field. This year, a newly created working group is to deal with the compilation of suitable adjustments, the composition of which Jan Chrištof, Monika Býmová, Zdeněk Kadlčík and Kateřina Marešová will be approved by the board in March.

The present members of the commission also recommended to the board the appointment of a new member of the commission. If approved, this will become Daniel Palička (in the photo above), who has been working at Leastex, a.s. since 1996. (formerly Renatex, a.s.).

Further topics and details of the commission’s meetings can be found in the minutes, which are available in the members’ section. The Commission will meet again on 15 October 2024.

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