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The board met at Čeladná

The members of the Association’s board met for their first meeting of 2023 on February 9 in the east of Bohemia, specifically in Čeladná. They discussed the outcomes of the meeting of the Commission for Industrial Laundries, the possibility of joining new European projects or the program of the upcoming APaČ Open Day.

The newly elected chairman of the Commission for Industrial Laundries, Jan Chrištof, who replaced Mr. Milan Poddany, informed the board about the plan to compare costs between home and professional laundry, incl. ecological footprints. He also presented the final version of the Industry Cost Index.

Nikola Kašparová, a member of the board and representative of APaČ in ETSA, presented to the board news from cooperation within ETSA. The possible involvement of the Association in a new European project with the aim of educating students of clothing fields in the EU about suitable combinations of materials was discussed.

The executive director of the Association, Monika Býmová, presented to the board the planned program of the Open Door Day, which will take place on April 12 and November 2 at the Jihlava Laundry and Dry Cleaning. The aim of the networking platform for the exchange of professional information between representatives of laundries, dry cleaners and representatives of Czech textile and clothing brands and designers is to discuss the support and development of sustainable fashion in the Czech Republic.

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