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Meeting of the Commission for Industrial Laundries

For the first meeting of the Association this year, the Commission for Industrial Laundries met on January 24 in Brno. At the outset, the members of the commission thanked Milan Poddané, an honorary member of APaČ, who resigned from the position of chairman of the commission on behalf of the entire Association, for his many years of work and efforts that he put into the field of laundry.

Mr. Milan Poddaný significantly connected his professional career with the Ostrava company Renatex and with the activities of the Association of Laundries and Dry Cleaners. The former long-time member of the board is the main creator of the original and new Statutes of the Association. Until 2022, the chairman of the Commission for Industrial Laundries, which deals, for example, with the form of documents for certification and the methodology of awarding public contracts for laundry and laundry rental.

At the meeting, the members elected a new chairman, who became Jan Chrištof, vice president of the Association and manager of the Chrištof laundry. Subsequently, they discussed the final form of the Cost Index, the current state of processing of the Methodology for the awarding of public contracts and the commission’s work for this year. The commission members also took a closer look at the possible update of the manual “Energy savings in laundries under the magnifying glass” and the creation of cost comparisons between home and professional washing and drying, including their ecological footprint. More information can be found in the minutes of the meeting, which will be located in the members’ section on the Association’s website.

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