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Board meeting with partners

The last meeting of the Association’s board this year was hosted by the OREA Hotel Pyramida Prague on November 9. It will be the venue of the next INTERCLEAN conference, the date of which was set for October 3, 2024. Representatives of the conference exhibitors and partners of the Association also gathered at the recently renovated hotel located near the Prague Castle to inspect the local premises and propose possible changes to the organization 27 . year of the traditional association event.

It emerged from the discussion that a live band would be involved in the evening’s entertainment. There will be a raffle for partner and exhibitor prizes, moderated by a well-known personality. Based on the proposal of the exhibitors, the association will also deal with the provision of fun industry disciplines that visitors would complete in the space of the exhibitor stands. Considering the number of foreign participants in the event, simultaneous interpretation of the program in the main hall will be considered. The association is also open to suggestions regarding the shape of the INTERCLEAN conference from the entire membership base.

At the meeting, the board also evaluated other activities of the past year and decided how to deal with this year’s surplus. A favorable result opens up the possibility of starting further work this year. The board decided to invest in an industry video, the assignment of which was approved at the meeting of the College in 2022. You can find more information from the meeting in the minutes of the meeting, which is located in the members’ section.

Czech Association for Textile Care