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A graduate of the laundry exam after 17 years

After 17 years, the Czech Association for Textile Care has awarded a certificate for the Laundromat Operation Worker exam, which replaces the no longer existing three-year secondary education with a learning certificate. The test took place in the Brno operation of the Chrištof laundry under the guidance of the authorized representative Ing. Zdenek Kadlčík.

The exam is administered by the Ministry for Regional Development and the Association prepared it in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. Kamila Radostová from Miličín in Benešovsko has now met the requirements according to the qualification and evaluation standard. “I’m happy that I can be the first new swallow in the industry after such a long time. I currently run a self-service laundromat in Tábor and am preparing to expand operations.” The Association congratulates Mrs. Radostová on obtaining the certificate and wishes her all the best in her business in the field of textile care.

Czech Association for Textile Care