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The board met in Švábov

The Board of the Association met on May 24 for this year’s second meeting in Švábov in Vysočina. It was dedicated to editing and supplementing the Organizational Rules of the commission, the new version of which is published on the Association’s website. In addition, board members debated the Industry Cost Index, which should be available to the membership during June, and addressed the output of the Commission on Small Laundries and Dry Cleaners.

The Board evaluated the zero year of the Open Door Day and, on the recommendation of the Commission, agreed to invest in the website of this event, which will be called TexTalk (a combination of the words Textile and Talk). At the same time, establishing cooperation with a PR agency will be considered, so that the event soon becomes known to well-known clothing brands, whose representatives should be part of it.

The members of the Bureau also approved the addition of two new members to the Commission. We will be collaborating with Eva Wernerová from Smart Dry Cleaners and Jiří Baroš from Blankyt Plus.

At the meeting, the outcome of the meeting of European associations within the ETSA membership was discussed (see page 9) and participation in the working group on environmental topics was approved, where the Association will be represented by member of the board Nikola Kašparová.

The draft program of this year’s INTERCLEAN conference was presented to the members of the board. According to the agreement with the representatives of the exhibitors, this year’s novelty will be an escape game at their stands. Among the speakers will be, for example, the director of the Želiv Monastery, Peter David Palušák, who will talk about relationships in the workplace, or a representative of the Technical University, who will present the result of a study commissioned by the Association this year: Comparison of laundry maintenance parameters in a professional laundromat and in home conditions .

Based on the decision of the College, the Association is now also preparing the APaČ ROAD SHOW. Its aim is to educate workers about physical and mental health in laundries and dry cleaners. A test version of this event will take place during the summer months. You can find more information from the meeting of the presidency in the minutes in the members’ section on the Association’s website.

Czech Association for Textile Care