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Practical product knowledge for dry cleaners for the second time this year

“Practical product knowledge for dry cleaners” took place for the second time this year in Třešť and Jihlava. The morning was filled with a guided tour of the Vývoj Třešť clothing cooperative. The attendees of the training got a look at the local production technologies and programs, thanks to which 200 employees create their fashion, especially suits, and sell it not only here, but also in Europe. And that since 1931. On display was a demonstration of the materials used, sewing, gluing, assembly, ironing and repair of suits.

The afternoon program was led by Hana Šabatková, head of operations at the Jihlava Laundry and Dry Cleaning. She showed the participants how to treat different types of clothes in practice and took them to a laundry and dry cleaner in Jihlava. Thank you for participating!

We are currently preparing a training offer for the year 2024. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas on the topic – before the end of this year.

Czech Association for Textile Care