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APaČ at the ATOK general meeting

The Czech Association for Textile Care participated in the general assembly of the Association of the Textile-Clothing-Leather Industry (ATOK). The two-day event took place in the middle of June in the Alessandria Hotel in Králové Hradec Králové.

APaČ was represented at the assembly by member of the Association’s board Nikola Kašparová and executive director Monika Býmová. The program included discussions on the following topics: Circular economy rules, Digital product passport or CO2 calculator. The General Assembly itself, which is similar to our College, dealt with ATOK’s associational activities or its management. An interesting discussion arose from the topic of industry promotion, in which the representatives of the Association drew attention to the activities of APaČ.

Information from this meeting with colleagues from the textile industry will be presented to the members of the board at its September meeting.

Our association thanks ATOK for the invitation and looks forward to further cooperation.

Czech Association for Textile Care