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My Care Label App: Comfort and sustainability

Surveys show that up to 78% of consumers in the Czech Republic cut off care labels on clothing. They thus prepare themselves for valuable information on the maintenance of their favorite pieces. However, this is changing with the new application My care label.

“This application is the result of international consumer behavior surveys carried out by the IPSOS agency for GINETEX, the international association that developed and owns the trademark rights for textile care symbols. The application is now available to consumers in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Great Britain and from this year also in the Czech Republic,” informs Ladislava Zaklová, director of SOTEX GINETEX.

The digital label does not scratch or bite
Every textile product you buy in a store must be labeled with care recommendations. However, most consumers cut off the label because it is uncomfortable to wear. Keeping cut labels is impractical. A digital label that is available for every smart phone has solved this age-old conundrum. After buying clothes or textiles, users can add the product to the app and create a digital label with all the important information. Anyone who has downloaded the application can check the meaning of individual symbols and expand their awareness of lesser-known symbols such as bleaching or tumble drying.

The application advises how to get rid of, for example, stains on favorite clothes
The application advises how to keep your favorite pieces of clothing as long as possible, while still looking like new. The new application includes an extensive library of recommendations for cleaning different types of stains on textiles. Users will get precise procedures to get rid of stains without damaging clothes. There are 33 different types of stains on 19 materials. “The application also provides useful advice and tips for the proper care of textiles in the home, which allows users to keep their clothes in optimal condition and extend their life,” adds Ladislava Zaklová.

Proper textile care contributes to sustainability
Consumers are increasingly aware that extending the life of clothing not only saves money, but also makes a significant contribution to protecting the environment. Proper care of textile products reduces the amount of waste, water and energy consumption, thereby minimizing the ecological footprint. The My Care Label application was created on the basis of surveys by the IPSOS agency, which have been taking place since 2017 in two-year cycles in seven EU countries. This tool not only facilitates the organization of the wardrobe, but also promotes a sustainable approach to the care of textile products.

The application is free
The application is available for free for both platforms – iOS (Apple products) and Android. When searching for a download, you need to enter the English name My Care Label. Otherwise, the entire application is in Czech.


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