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Meeting of the Commission for small laundries and dry cleaners

Members of the Commission for Small Laundries and Dry Cleaners (KpMPCHČ) discussed current topics and activities of the Association for the first time this year. The program of the meeting, which took place online on May 7, included the project Certification of Dry Cleaners, revision of exams in the National System of Qualifications, and an overview of educational events this year and prospectively next year as well.

For the spring of 2025, the Association will prepare a seminar at the Faculty of Textiles of the Technical University in Liberec in cooperation with member company Dibella. The members of the commission also spoke in favor of the creation of a uniform amortization table and amortization formula when dealing with complaints. The proposal will be discussed at the May meeting of the Associations’ Board.

On the same day, the working group for the certification of Dry Cleaners, consisting of Eva Wernerová, Monika Býmová, Hanuš Zvolský and Miroslav Malina, also met. In the course of this year, they will work together in detail on the already defined certification parameters, according to which the operation is to be assessed.

More information can be found in the minutes of the KpMPCHČ meeting, which can be found in the members’ section HERE.

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